Format: 2D
Season: 1 to 4
Episodes: 1 to 52
Length: 30 mins

Grossology invites kids to join in crime-solving adventures featuring fascinating science facts, vile villains and loads of gross-out humour. Who do you call when there has been a projectile puking spree or you have to track a criminal by the stink of his farts? You call in brother and sister team Abby and Ty Archer – special agents who report to the super secret government Department of Grossology. Think C.S.I.? for kids. Aided by the infamous Lab Rat, these field Grossologists face off against disgusting criminals like Sloppy Joe, the world’s filthiest thief, and Lance Boil, a former Grossologist turned bad. Tune in...if your stomach can handle it!


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    Canada’s Nelvana Enterprises, owned by Corus Entertainment Inc., and China’s Ciwen Media Group have entered into a major content acquisition and representation deal for China.
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  • KidsCo Aquires Five New Titles From Nelvana To Kick Off 2013

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